Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preston's First Best Friend, Haven!

On the 10th of February, we drove out to California to have a visit with my family. While we were there, we got to spend time with my good friend from high school, Cristin, and her family. Cristin and I were pregnant at the same time. Our due dates were about a week apart, with Preston's due date first (Aug. 1st). I was so surprised when I got a text from her in the middle of July saying that she was having her baby!

So Haven is about 3 weeks older than Preston since Preston was a week late! Babies are crazy... they come when they want to!

These adorable boys got along pretty well. Preston hasn't been around many kids, and Haven has a bunch of cousins, so he knew what to do! They had a good time playing with Preston's Christmas truck from Gpa Preston.
This one cracks me up! Looks like Preston is going in for a kiss. LOL!
Best pals.
Pat on the back.
Haven is half Samoan, so Preston looks even whiter next to him!
I really can't get over the cuteness!

Swimsuit Edition

I love these adorable diaper pics of Preston. He has the cutest rolls! Don't you just want to squeeze him? This was the week he turned 6 months old. LOVE HIM!

Crazy Face!

Some February Faves

Just chilling with dad. He loves to watch TV with Michael.
Play time!
Officially found his toes on February 5... Super Bowl Sunday!
Super Full Tummy!
Hanging out, looking handsome, and showing off his sweet pecks. Haha.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 Months!

How many times have you seen the words "I can't believe my baby is __ months old"? I feel like I say that every time he hits a month mark.

Now I can say that I can't believe my baby is half a year old! It's so weird how time flies. I remember thinking last year about how he would be 6 months old in February and now it's come and gone.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, I did a photo shoot on his half a year birthday. Some of these turned out super cute. I took a TON of pictures though. haha.

New tricks:
grabbing his toes
rolling all over the place
scooting backwards
getting up on his hands and knees
shaking and rattling his toys
eating from a spoon
splashing with his legs in the tub
smiling at new people
no longer sleeping through the night (BOO!)
squealing and screeching constantly
sitting with help
taking 2 naps a day

19 lbs. 14 oz. (HOLY COW!)
27 3/4" long
18" head circumference

Preston is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. The doctor asked me how tall my husband is, but I have to say I don't think our baby got any hugeness genes from Michael!

Monday, February 6, 2012

January--The Month of the Tongue!

January was filled with tons of firsts. Preston learned how to push up on his hands and do mini-pushups with his belly off the floor. Cute. He also started watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He freakin' loves that show and it's so weird! He has started to put everything in his mouth too. I've given him a few tastes of banana, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and POPSICLE! He had some popsicle on his Grandma Pam's birthday and he freaked out. He kept trying to grab it and shove it in his mouth. So funny.

So far he's still nursing exclusively, but it's fun to see his reaction to little tastes of things. I am looking forward to feeding him some solids because I feel absolutely drained sometimes. Preston has a huge appetite! I feel like I nurse him 20 times a day.

He started waking up once a night to eat for about 2 weeks at the end of January. It drove me crazy to get up at 2 a.m., but then I realized he was probably going through a growth spurt. He definitely did a lot of growing. He practically skipped 6-month size clothes. He went from his 3-6 month clothes to 9-month clothes this last month. He wore some of his clothes once before he grew out of them. I am excited to see how much he weighs and how long he's gotten when we go to the doctor on February 9th.

In this picture, he was trying to eat the tag on his playmat. You can kind of see why I call him Friar Tuck. He has a bald spot in the shape of a ring along the sides and back of his head.
He's rolling around a ton! He tipped his whole playmat over one day. Strong kid.
His tongue seemed to pop out all of sudden this last month. It's pretty hilarious.
Apparently, this is the best angle for watching tv. He won't stay on his quilt at all anymore. It drives me nuts because he gets dirty from the carpet and wood floor. I guess I need to vacuum more often now. Whoops.
Handsome boy!

On Janury 25th, he managed to roll off the couch while I was sitting next to him. He cried a little bit and I cried a lot. I felt like such a bad mom. Needless to say, Preston doesn't get to lay on the couch anymore!
These orange-striped bulldog jammies are my favorite! They have a huge bulldog on the bum. Look at that full belly!
This is the face Preston makes when he gets really excited. His eyes get all big and he starts shaking his arms and legs really fast and exhaling quicky. It's so funny! He loves to go on walks every day. He usually nods off towards the end of each walk.
We started putting Preston in his bouncy chair now that he can hold himself up really well. He can't quite sit up on his own yet, but he does well when we support his hips and waist.
He doesn't really bounce in it yet, but can twirl around in it a little bit. His teeny tongue popping out just kills me!
He can still take naps anywhere. His favorite is to fall asleep while watching tv. A new habit he's formed is falling asleep when I feed him. Then he just lays on my lap while latched on and gets mad when I go to move or lay him down. It drives me NUTS!
Preston went to his first Stake Conference on January 22nd. He slept for a lot of it, but we had to leave before the closing song because he started getting cranky!
We pulled out the baby carrier to go on a walk after church one Sunday. Preston doesn't really like his carrier that much, but we will keep trying it out because it's easier to deal with than a stroller! He didn't mind daddy carrying him around with his sunglasses on.

Just chillin' in the gorgeous 70 degree January weather!
Preston is such a stinkin' cutie. I don't think I'm biased (too much) either! He's ridiculously adorable--just how a baby should be!
Button nose, round, rosy cheeks, big, blue eyes, double chin, chubby legs, pot belly, soft skin. Love him.

It's a good thing we had his tongue clipped, otherwise his tongue probably wouldn't be coming out of his mouth at all!
I feel blessed that he's such a good baby and so laid-back. He doesn't mind being held by others and is content to just lay on the floor. He's officially 6 months old today. I am really looking forward to seeing how much he will progress in the next few months. Should be a good time! I will do his 6-month post tomorrow after we go to the doctor.

January 8th=5 Months Old!

Preston turned 5 months old on January 8th. He is getting huge! I estimate that he was around 18 or 19 lbs. at the time. He really started getting around all of a sudden too. The week that he turned 5 months, he started rolling around like mad! I'd find him 5 feet away from the blanket I laid him on!
I left him on the floor in my bedroom while I took a quick shower, and he rolled 10 feet into my master bathroom onto the tile floor next to the shower. Crazy kid! I really have to watch him now. He does NOT stay in one spot anymore.
I love his rosy cheeks and big smiles!
He's pretty serious and I'm pretty tired.
Loving his rings as usual!
Taking a nap with daddy.
The best part about this age is that Preston started sleeping through the night. I think it has something to do with how much moving around he can do now! He slept through the night for 3 weeks in a row. HOORAY!

Here are a few fun things I want to remember:
We started 8:30 a.m. church on January 1st. It's been quite the adventure trying to get us all up and ready for church. Preston occasionally sleeps until 9 a.m. so sacrament meeting can be rough! If I am lucky, he will fall asleep. And Michael plays the organ for the meeting, so I am single-momming it!

On January 2nd, we took Preston to his first movie in the theater: The Adventures of Tin-Tin. He did really well. He watched some of it and slept for most of it.

On Michael's birthday, I scored a huge deal on an adorable pair of boat shoes for Preston. They are technically his "first shoes." They are still too big, but so adorable. He matches his daddy now!

Preston is almost 6 months now, so I need to hurry and catch up! AHHHH!