Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Times in April

Preston started to really enjoy his bouncy chair at the end of April. I love it too because I can put him in it while I shower! YAY! On April 16th, Preston got his 4th tooth! (He got his 3rd on the 7th.) On the 17th I got him to copy me and say "Dada". He said it right after I took these pictures in his bouncer. I got it on video too, but I will spare you the 6 minutes of my crazy talking. Another first is holding a bottle. I started him with a sippy cup since he hasn't had a bottle since he was 2 months old, thinking that I could just skip the bottles. Well... it's a little easier for him to drink from a bottle at this point, so I give him some juice in the morning and let him go to town. It's nice that he is starting to do more things on his own! We do practice with the sippy cup too though. He can't drink from it on his own very well yet.
 Preston also started wiggling this week. It first started when he would be laying on the floor and wiggle back and forth like a snake. SOOOO RANDOM! We noticed that he occasionally does it if you sing him the ABC song or if he hears music or gets excited. He's his own man though, so he doesn't often do it when prompted. Preston only pleases himself! haha. He also started wiggling in the tub and when he's on his hands and knees. I think it is so adorable. Sometimes he will wiggle when he's in your arms and it cracks me up!
Toppling over his play mat ain't no thang. He's so strong now that he pretty much bulldozes anything in his path. He rolls around like mad and does some army crawling here and there, but he's not that fast yet (PHEW!). Preston also started to like looking at books. He used to try to eat them and that was it. Now he looks at the pictures and tries to pick things off the pages.
 This is the new entertainment center that we got from Ikea. Michael modified it to fit the space and then we had to figure out a way to put our tv on it since we couldn't mount it on the wall (unless we wanted it really off-center!). Michael has tons of skills. I think Preston has a hard time now that the tv is up higher. DJ Lance Rock is now so far away! I still need to get pictures in the frames. (It's now a month since I got them! Whoops.)
Speaking of Yo Gabba Gabba, in the episode titled "Robots" there is a man who pretends to be a robot. It really freaks Preston out. He gets all alarmed and sort of starts yelling at him and whining. Weird! Another fear is other babies! Preston hates babies because they are loud and fast and not gentle. Our friend Amanda who is 4 months older made him cry at church! It was the funniest thing ever. She didn't even touch him. I am such a mean mom, exposing my baby to babies!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bath time Fun!

Preston LOVES bath time. He usually gets a bath right before bedtime. He gets super excited when we turn the water on and get him nakey! It's so funny. He has the cutest little baby bum and rolls. I hope he doesn't hate me when he's older for putting these pics up, but they are too cute not to share.
He can't ever quite catch his rubber ducky. When he goes to grab it, he makes a wave and it floats even further away! Haha. Poor baby.
Preston likes to splash. It started with his left hand, but now he's using the right too! He still tries to grab the water. It's so funny to watch him try and try.
We starting letting Preston roll over in the bathtub this month. He keeps his head up so well now that it makes way more sense to let him roll around instead of trying to keep him on his back. Now if only he'd sit up, we would bath him in the sink! I guess the sink wouldn't be quite so fun for him though.
Yummy bathwater. BLEH! I try not to let him suck on his washcloth or drink the water, but he's silly and he likes it. GROSS!
Modest is hottest! haha.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Preston's First Easter!

Preston is getting cuter and cuter and more and more fun. On Easter Sunday, he turned 8 months old. We are thinking he weighs at least 21 lbs at this point. He might even weigh 22! Time to put his new car seat in the car!
He has started smiling for the camera on purpose now. It's nice to actually get pictures of his smiling face!
This was early Easter morning before church (at 8:30!!!). He looked soooo handsome in his adorable Easter outfit. I got a lot of comments about how he doesn't look like a baby anymore. Probably because he looks so studly in his "hot guy" shirt and green khakis.
Apparently he was a little confused about the family picture.
We gave Preston his Easter basket after church.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? was one of my favorite books from elementary school. The baby sock monkey was hilarious and the hot wheel car is a '57 Chevy (just like Grandpa Preston collects!). We also gave him a cheap Peter Rabbit coloring book.
Most of this stuff is just for his chewing pleasure anyway. It really wouldn't have mattered what we gave him! In the mouth it goes.
We put the basket in front of him, and he kind of just picked at the grass for a minute. So I spread the stuff out in front of him.
As you can tell, the Easter eggs were really cool.
He started to get a little bored until...
he got ahold of the paper grass and started munching on it. He was more interested in the grass than anything!
Eggs + Grass = Heaven
Hope none of that went down!
This picture completely cracks me up. What a cheesy grin! The wet, gooey paper grass just makes it even funnier! And those little teeth just kill me!
"Stop taking pictures, Mom!"
One last one of me and my baby. Aww.
That night we went to Gma and Gpa Reynolds house for dinner. The whole family was there. We couldn't stay long because Preston had to be home for bedtime at 6:30! Michael and I got jelly beans from the Easter Bunny at his parents' house and Preston got a new outfit from Gma Pam.

Easter was really fun. I am sure it will be even better next year when he is 20 months old (and church is at 10:30 haha). It's hard to think that soon he will be walking and talking. It's coming so fast.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

The day before Easter was our ward's Easter egg hunt. We had it at a park in one of the neighborhoods in our ward. There were almost 1000 eggs! We took 2 of them for Preston to play with. He loved to shake them and suck on them. (I ate the M&Ms out of them pretty quick though! haha.) We had a fun time, and got these cuuuute pictures of Preston. The weather was warm and Preston loved being outside. He likes to touch the grass and look at the trees. He's having a fun first springtime so far!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mesa Temple Easter Pageant

While Cristin, Fa, and Haven were here, we went to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. This was the Thursday (April 5th) before Easter. The weather was gorgeous! We got some Joe's Real BBQ sandwiches and had a picnic. We arrived about 2 hours early and there were already a ton of people there. Crazy.

Preston was fascinated with the waving flag. Too cute!

Preston was a pretty good sport even though he was up way past his bedtime. We hoped he'd take a nap during the pageant, but he decided to stay awake and get really cranky just before it ended!

Our cute little family.

Amanda came with us too! Love her!
Here's Mr. Crankypants and his dad. The traffic leaving the pageant was HORRIBLE. My poor, sleepy baby had to endure a 45 minute car ride home. We didn't get home until 10:30 or so.

The pageant was a great way to be reminded of our Savior and His sacrifice. It was kind of a hassle to go with a baby, but I am sure it will be soooo much fun when he's a little older. We loved spending time with friends on the temple grounds too.

First Time "Swimming"

While our friends were in town, we decided take advantage of the warm weather and go swimming in our community pool. We had to wait a bit for everyone to get ready, so I fed Preston right before, thinking that the pool would wash some of the food off! HA! Silly me.
The pool water was pretty darn cold and I didn't have the heart to dunk Preston in very far. So the food stayed on his face.
Michael was at work while we went to the pool so I stole some pictures from Fa and Cristin's camera! Chilly water!
Yay! A picture with me in it! haha. I'm hiding my whiteness behind cute Preston.
Preston seemed to get used to the water. We didn't go further in than chest-deep.
Haven got dunked, but I didn't feel like Preston was ready for that yet!
Juuuuuust chillin'. He actually kept his sunglasses on once he realized that they helped his eyes. Preston HATES the sun in his eyes.
We got back into the water to try another dip, and it was way easier than the first time. I think Preston will really love the pool this summer when it gets a little warmer.

We did more "laying out" than swimming. Don't worry, the SPF 60 was in full use. Look at those chunky thighs!
We bought this wetsuit thingy Preston a few weeks before Preston was born (on clearance OF COURSE! haha). It's 12 month size and you can see that it's pretty tight already. I didn't think I would have such a huge kid. I'm sure it won't fit once "real summer" gets here. It's only April for goodness' sake!
Love his dirty baby face and his chunky chin.
This kid LOVES to be outside. He's a pro at pushing up now.
I couldn't keep him on the towel for long. He loved rolling around on the deck of the pool.