Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lost Wages AKA Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas for Spring Break. It was a great trip and really fun even though I was getting over the flu. We didn't actually gamble in "Lost Wages" but we definitely spent a lot of money. Bottles of water were like $3.00 everywhere we went.

We stayed at the Rio. On Thursday, our plane left Phoenix around 4:00 p.m. so we didn't get to our hotel until close to 6:00. We decided to relax and not go out that night because we were so tired. Both of us were really hungry so we ate at the cheapest restaurant we could find in our hotel. About $12.oo/person. Not too shabby. I had the BEST BLT with avocado and Michael had a yummy mushroom burger.

The Rio only has suites for rooms. We got lucky enough to have a corner room--2 of the 4 walls were windows! This is the view from our bed. We LOVED our room and enjoyed looking out on The Strip at night.
We were on the 15th floor and our room was at the very end of this HUGE HALL:

Needless to say, we did plenty of walking on our trip. Luckily, the Rio has a FREE shuttle that took us to the strip. On Friday we were the only ones on our shuttle. I guess nobody was out and about at 10:00 a.m. like us. We wanted to see the sights!

DAY 1!!!

Once we got to The Strip this is what we saw on the way to Caesar's Palace:

The fountains in front of the Venetian

The Eiffel Tower in front of Paris

We finally made it to Caesar's Palace and this is what we saw inside:

The Trojan Horse (F.A.O. Schwartz Toy Store)
There are toys inside of the horse!

There is a HUGE fish aquarium with some cool fish, but we couldn't get any good pictures, see:
Next, we went to the free show there in the mall. It was really funny. There were animatronic robot people like Pirates of the Caribbean. It was definitely a "free show" if you know what I mean. CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!!!!!

I'm not posting any more pictures of the show because I am so bored just thinking about it.

NEXT! We decided to head over to the Venetian to see if we could get tickets to Blue Man Group. We walked around the Venetian and the Palazzo for HOURS before our show started. We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the night, but this is what we saw:

Wax Blue Men
Humpty Dumpty

Gondola Ride

The Living Garden

FINALLY we got to the show!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I never get tagged... nor do I tag.

Well... McKenzie tagged me and since she was one of the best roommates ever, I have to oblige.

10 Random Things About Me:

1.  I am watching an infomercial about Lifestyle Lift right now.  (I can't find the remote and I am too tired/sick to find it.)

2.  I can think of a song for just about any word/circumstance.  Michael and I have some friends who think were are pretty strange because we bust out in song all the time.

3. I LOVE Target.  It is the best store EVER.

4.  I never got asked to prom in high school.  I always had to "find" dates.  Lame.

5.  I am really paranoid about getting skin cancer because I am so fair and I live in Arizona.

6.  I am completing my 6th year of college this semester.  I will have roughly 190 credits by the time I get my B.M.  from ASU.

7.  I just got called as the Ward Music Director in my new ward.  I lead all of the congregational hymns and plan music for sacrament meetings.  I think it's awesome because I am taking an LDS Hymns institute class AND choral conducting for my major right now.  The Lord knows me, for sure.

8.  I have blood sugar issues.  If I am hungry, I get really sick.  Like... wanting to throw up sick.  Fasting is a nightmare for me.  I also get really cranky.  Poor Michael.  I am a crazy woman when I'm hungry.

9.  I have road rage.  I don't know what it is, but stupid drivers make me really angry.  It could be all of the snowbirds and students around here.  I need to work on this for sure.

10.  I am not very social.  I really have to force myself to get to know people.  I think I would be content to not have people over EVER as long as my family is around.  Michael is the opposite.  He really forces me to be social.  It's good for me.

Well... that's about it.  This kind of made me realize how strange I am.  Yikes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick Day

I am hope sick today.  It sucks.  I can't even spell.  I must REALLY be sick.  You should have seen/heard me at my piano midterm yesterday.  Hilarious!