Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ringing in the New Year! Happy 2013!

We had some friends over for fireworks on New Year's Eve. Melissa was just a week away from having Isles. Good times were had by all!

 New Years Day
 January 2nd

 Trying to open the front door with keys. Smarty Pants! January 3rd
 This is a "happy birthday, dad!" face on January 4th.

 Happy 28th, Michael!

 We tried to take some good pictures on our 6th anniversary, January 5th. Most of these are the result of my trying to get Michael not to squint in the pictures. So funny!

 Relaxing in our cold weather jammies.

 January cheesin'.

 Outside time in our jammies in the nice weather! January 23rd

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christmastime 2012 in California!

My brother married the lovely Dani a few days before Christmas, so we headed out there for all of the festivities. First is the bachelorette party we threw for Dani.

 This was the family "rehearsal" dinner the night before the wedding. Jackson wanted El Pollo Loco. haha. 

 The cute couple!

 Hot hubby!
 Mom and Dad Smith
 Mom and Dad Jamgochian with Uncle Sean
 Preston was exhausted. I probably should have gotten a sitter for him. Oh well. You live, you learn! Thanks to Kelsey for hanging out with him.

 Tea Gardens with the Rudds.
 Christmas Sunday! 

 Christmas Eve!

 Doubling up the jammies because it's cold at night!

 Christmas morning. Jammie change due to wetting through his diaper!

 Preston was obsessed with this Elmo book from my parents!
 A day or two after Christmas, my mom tried to make a duct tape mannikin of me. It was pretty uncomfortable.

Merry Christmas!