Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Puppy Love! Literally!

So here is the dog story: We decided to go to the animal shelter one Friday JUST FOR FUN. We took Max with us to look at all of the dogs. We happened to see two dark little Cairn terrier mixes in a kennel together. One thing led to another and we paid the $220 bucks for the two dogs. They needed to be fixed so we had to wait until Monday afternoon to pick them up. WELL... Sunday afternoon we get a call from a lady telling us that the femaile dog we adopted had had puppies. WHAT THE HECK!? Nobody knew she was pregnant? Out of control.

Monday afternoon I pick up a neutered male (Bo) and a mother dog (Sugar) and 4 puppies all by myself. My 2-door Civic was stuffed to the brim with dogs. haha. We went from having 0 dogs to having 6.

We've had some peepees, poopoos, and diarrheadiarrheas. But other than that, we are loving our new dogs. Here are some pics:
Mommy (Sugar)

Puppy #1 Brown/Male
Puppy #2 White/Male
Puppy #3 Dark Gray/Female
Puppy #4 Light Brown/Female
The whole rainbow...
Bo and Sugar and Me