Wednesday, March 21, 2012

California Trip: Flight and First Time at the Beach!

Preston and I flew out to California by ourselves on March 3. Michael had a business trip that week in South Carolina, so we ditched AZ for CA! I was a little nervous about the flight. The hardest part was schlepping all of our stuff around. It was tricky to get the stroller folded up and put on the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint all while holding my 20 lb. baby. Yikes!

Preston was great on the flight out. The flight was PACKED so we had people sitting right next to us. Luckily, they were 2 younger women who LOVED babies. Fortuately, he slept for most of the flight. Something about the sound and feel of the plane lulled him right to sleep. He couldn't even try to fight it! I nursed him a little bit during the descent to help his ears from hurting. He also took a huge poop during the flight! YUCK. I waited to change him until we got to my parents' house, and there was a mild POOPSPLOSION to deal with.

That same day, we headed out to the beach to celebrate my sister Stephanie's birthday which was on March 1st. This was Preston's first time at the beach. We were sad not to have Michael with us, so my brother stood in as "daddy." haha. Preston was in a great mood the whole time we were in Ventura. Jackson hauled him onto the beach in his stroller. It was hilarious! Some serious 4X4 action!
Preston was super happy and the weather was amazing. It was in the 70s in March. Almost unheard of!
Here's Uncle Jackson looking super thin and Preston looking no-so-thin! haha.
Preston "tasting" the salty sea air.
I got the cutest video of Preston grabbing handfuls of sand. He only tried to eat it a few times.
Sitting up mostly on his own. Love his little curled toes!
Trying to get a good shot of his (at the time) 1 tooth. The picture turned out way funnier than I expected!
He probably has some sand on his tongue. Yum.
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig the whole day through!
This one is hilarious, no? He's cracking up and making a cheesy pose. I couldn't have planned it.
Aunt Stephanie who is now 20 years old (get married!) and Gma Stacey.
Gpa Preston. He looooooves the beach. ha.

I was there too!
I love me some baby boy!
Mom clothes versus trendy college student clothes. Quote of the trip, "Stephanie! The back of your shirt is sheer!" -GGma Luena
Random candid.
The water was FREEEZING but that didn't keep Preston from trying to sit in it. Cute little baby legs! AHHHH LOVE HIM!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

End of February, FIRST TOOTH!

Preston has really started getting around. He's still not crawling yet, but he somehow gets where he wants to be!
Watching dad play Mario Kart Wii is one of Preston's favorite things to do! I know he looks bored, but he gets really into it!
Michael had an ingrown toenail taken care of and had to keep his foot up. Preston had no problem helping his dad relax!

What a silly kid! LOVE HIM SO MUCH!
Edit: I totally forgot that Preston got his first tooth on February 29th! Happy Leap Day! He was really cranky for about a week before. This is the best picture I could get, and you can't even see it! haha. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get a better picture soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Valentines Day in California

Michael took a few days of vacation from work and we headed out to California the week of Valentines Day. My family hadn't seen Preston since Thanksgiving, so we thought a visit was much over-due. It was really fun spending time with them and meeting Dani.
Here's my bro, Jackson, and his gf Dani. Presh.
Here's chunky himself with his Great Grandma Luena.
The four-generation picture.
"Kissing" (more like, trying to eat) Grandma Stacey.
This one is a keeper. We love Grandma Stacey!
Here's my huge baby with his huge uncle Jackson. I'd say that Preston holds his own.
Here's some purple-eye action with Uncle Jackson and Grandpa Preston.
The four men of the group.
Gpa Preston is pretty silly.
Our 6th V-day as a married couple. I think we've been valentines for the last 9 years though.
I was being super cheesy with my mom.
My dad played this game with Preston where he would lay the blanket on top of him and Preston would flail his arms and my dad would lift the blanket off of him quickly. Kind of like playing with a parachute. Preston loved it!
Apparently, these two are Twitterpated.