Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Extravaganza... sort of.

We went to California this past weekend to take advantage of Michael's 4-day weekend.  It was a pretty good time.  I just wish I didn't live so far from my family.  The drive to my parents' house is so ugly... I think it makes the time pass slower.  haha.  I'm thankful Michael drove the whole way.  I kind of hate driving.

My grandparents were in town while we were there, so it was good to see them too. 

My sister monopolized the weekend with all of her high school events.  Friday night was the annual Wm. S. Hart High School Show Choir Spring Concert.  It was horrible!  Were my concerts that bad?  I think maybe they were.  It was sooooo long too.  Nearly 3  hours.  I really tried to be impressed, but it didn't work.  

Then Stephanie had prom the next night.  My mom and I ran around town running errands because Stephanie hadn't finalized her prom look.  We had to schedule a nail appointment and buy nailpolish, earrings, and hairclips.  That girl is crazy!  

Sunday we went to church.  It's always funny to go home after getting married and moving out.  A lot of people are interested in what you are doing and there are also a lot of people at church who are new and have no idea who you are.  It makes for some good times.

Monday we saw the new Star Trek movie with my parents and sister.  It was a great movie.  After the movie, we started on our way home.  There wasn't ANY traffic.  It was great.  We left at 2 p.m.  and got home around 8:30 after stopping for dinner, stopping for gas, and going to Dairy Queen here in Gilbert.  Awesome!

The quote of the weekend was from my exhausted sister after 3 nights of choir concerts, a procrastinated school project, and getting ready for prom.  "The good times are killing me!"  haha.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Biggest Geek Ever

I thought that my biology class started today so I woke up at 5:45 and got ready to go.  I arrived at CGCC at 6:50 a.m. thinking that my 7:00 class was about to start.  WRONG.  I tried opening the door and stood there for 3 minutes until I actually looked at my schedule and saw that the class starts on June 1st.  SILLY!!!!!!!!!!  I called Michael and had a good laugh with him.

In my defense, my German 102 course begins online today.  So I'm not a total dork.  

Friday, May 15, 2009

Time to Get the Ball Rollin'

School is over for the summer (until I start summer school on Monday).  Now that I have more free time on my hands, I am going to try to actually use our blog.  

This school year was rough.  I felt like I was always so busy and just running and running.  Between really hard music theory, music history, choir, piano class and a part-time job, I didn't have any time to blog.

This brings me to today.  My last final was on Monday.  My grades keep coming in and I have 5 As so far out of 7 classes.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I think I will have 6 As and 1 B.  I'm pretty proud of that.  Maybe I'll catch up to my summa cum laude husband.  Since school has let out, I have been soooooooo lazy.  It feels good to just sit on my bum and watch a movie.  I know that there are things I need to get done this summer, but can't I start next week?  hahaha.

I am watching The View.  I'm thinking that I don't really like this show.  It's just a bunch of gossipy ladies.  Today they were talking about Heaven and Hell and if they believe in it.  They have Ron Howard and Tom Hanks on today talking about Angels and Demons that comes to theatres today.  It's interesting to hear different beliefs and ideas about what happens after this life.

I'm so glad for the knowledge that I have as a member of the church.  It's very comforting and makes life way less confusing.  

Ok, next topic.  I really want a Westie.  They are the cutest dogs ever.  I always had a dog growing up and my parents still have one to this day.  Dogs are so loving and always want to be with you.  I would love to have a dog, but I would feel bad because we are so busy.  Maybe I will get one for my graduation.

Well... I think I will watch Little Women now.  I love summer.