Thursday, February 28, 2013

July 5th Playgroup!

These pictures are from our ward playgroup. We met in the morning at Gilbert Water Tower Park. 
Preston LOOOVES the giant granite ball fountain. He didn't quite know what to think about the shooting fountains, but enjoyed watching the other kids (all girls!) run around and play. We love playgroup!

 Preston tried really hard for a minute to stand up! I don't think he liked being left behind.

Preston's First Fourth!

Independence Day was in the middle of the week, so it was pretty relaxed. Michael had the day off work, so we spent some time with Gma and Gpa Reynolds and Uncles Malachi and Max. It's so hot here, that most of the action happened inside. Fourth of July is such a bummer in AZ, that I told Michael that we are for sure going to California in 2013.
 Juicin' it up!
 I made some awesome patriotic Funfetti cupcakes. I think Trent is holding the empty wrapper. Can't go wrong with boxed cake mix.
 It's nice to actually see pictures of myself once in a while!
 Nom nom nom!
 Thanks for taking the pictures, Michael!
 Preston was NOT a big fan of this situation... all.
 So chubby! Purple eyes!
 He saved all of his happiness for one last picture with me...
 ...and had had enough by the time it was dad's turn.
(Not so) Happy Fourth of July!

End of June 2012

Sippy-cuppin' (by himself!), Cheerio-eatin' (favorite food right now!), piano-playin' (just like daddy!), bath-takin' (LOVES baths), nursin' (won't show you those pics!), teethin' (has a bunch of teeth coming in!), tooth-brushin' (not a fan), cheesin' (smiley man) PRESTON!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommy and Me California Trip June 2012

In June, Michael had scout camp for a week, so Preston and I decided to take off for California. We didn't want to be left at home by ourselves in the middle of the lame, hot Arizona summer.

This was the second time I had flown with him by myself and boy, was that an adventure! He refused to sleep at all and the flight was packed. We had 2 men in our row next to us, so that made nursing fun. =) Preston was so stinking physical too. I swear he just turned circles in my lap the whole time. It was rough!

The highlights of this trip were DISNEYLAND!!!, Ventura, hot-tubbing with Gpa Preston, and playing at the park.

Disneyland was kind of busy because it was the first week of the summer for a lot of schools. We were only able to get on 6 rides, but that was mostly because it was hard to wait in line with a baby. My mom and I were exhausted trying to hold him because I forgot my baby carrier! What a loser mom I am! There is nowhere to set down a baby that doesn't walk at Disneyland.

The biggest disappointment was that Preston could not have cared less about most of the rides. We went on Tiki Room (he loved the EXIT sign... sigh), Jungle Cruise (he only wanted to chew on the bars of the boat), Pirates of the Caribbean (he nursed in the quiet, cool, darkness, and fell asleep towards the end of that ride), Peter Pan (which ended up being kind of scary), Finding Nemo Submarines (which look like TV!!! so he kind of paid attention), and Small World (which he loved!).

I left my camera at home (loser mom AGAIN), but luckily my sister came down to Disneyland later and brought it to me. So bummed that we didn't get to take pictures on many rides!

Here are the pics:

Preston watching Stephanie and Cait pose.
Cute, sweaty baby enjoying the weather and the sights!

 Double chin!
 Me, Gma Stacey, Preston, and Aunt Stephanie
Take 2!
 Poor bubba was happy most of the time, but got soooo tired during his nap times. He took one one-hour nap in his stroller around 4:00 p.m.
We really upped our liquid intake because it was a humid, sweaty day.
 Look at that full belly! He peed through 2 sets of clothes!
 This was on Small World. One of the only rides he even bothered paying attention to.
 On small world again. Notice that he's actually looking at the ride.
Stephanie being goofy near the tea cups.
 This was at the end of the day after 2 clothing changes and tons of exhaustion! He's chewing on his complimentary "first time at Disneyland" button. Moral of the story is... don't take a baby to Disneyland unless you have a baby carrier.
 These next few pictures were in the car on the way to Ventura with Gma Stacey and GGma Donna.
 He was happy for a little while...
 ...then did his cry/laugh smile as he got cranky.
 Then he conked out!!!

 Preston LOOOOVES the spa. Gpa Preston turned down the heat so it was more like bath temperature. So relaxed!

These last pictures are from a random time at the park and of Preston's love for wheels! I accidentally uploaded all of these, so here ya go. haha.