Friday, May 31, 2013

Cell Phone Flashback!

I tried to separate these out into different posts based on Preston's age, but it didn't work. SO... here's all 99 pictures. haha. 

 This was his really fat stage. 4-5 months. He wasn't a huge fan of the bouncer.

 Found his toes around 4 months old.

 First time in the umbrella stroller. 6 months old before a flight to California.

 Grabs everything with his feet. Gma and Gpa Reynolds house.
 About 6 months old.

 Hanging out at our park around 7 months.

 Wedged into a weird place. 9 months.
 Playing in the grass, 7 months

 Espee Park swings, 9 months

 Cuddling with his book and truck. 10 months

 Espee Park Splash Pad, 11 months

 Church, 11 months

 Park time. 10 months

 Caged animal, 11 months

 Disneyland, 10 months. JUNGLE CRUISE!

 On the way to Ventura. 10 months
 Gma and Gpa Smith's house, 10 months
 Reaching the keys 11 months

 Eating, 12 months


 Sick baby, 12 months
 New baby! 1 month

 Happy outside our house, about 9 months

 1 week old

 2 weeks 
 12 months old at Santan Mall splash pad

 Cuddling daddy, 12 months?
 Swinging 9 months

 Farmhouse Meadows park, 11 months

 Lots of happy times, about 1 year old

 3 months

 2 months

 Genius opening doors, 13 months
 Chunky baby hates the bumbo, 4 months

 4 months