Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2-month Checkup

Preston had his 2-month checkup on October 13th. He weighed 13 lbs. 2 oz. and was 23" long. He's holding steady at around the 75th percentile. He grew a whole inch and gained 3 pounds in one month. Amazing! PA Bill said he is really strong and to expect him to roll over soon. Preston also has an inguinal hernia popping out of his belly button. I have such a rare child... tongue tie, hernia, fevers after shots... lucky us! He got 4 shots that day and was pretty miserable that evening and at night. Poor, poor baby! He got his first few tastes of acetaminophen to bring his fever down and to help him feel better.

Here are the pictures from that week:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blessing Day!

Preston was blessed on October 9, 2011. We had my grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, and my parents, brother, and sister come into town from California for the occasion. Michael had a ton of family come to the blessing as well.

Michael's parents had a little dinner party for the family at their house that afternoon to celebrate. It was fun, but a little overwhelming for my little man. He mostly slept through it!

This first picture is the evening before the blessing. My sweet grandma was trying to comfort my crying baby. It's an awesome picture.
This is my dad (Grandpa Preston) playing with Preston in the morning before church.
Four generation picture with my dad and Grandma Luena. Unfortunately, my Grandpa "Bucks" passed away before Preston got to meet him. It was so great to have my grandma there though.
Four generation picture with my Grandpa Harry and my mom.
The little family picture. I love Preston's foot hanging out! One of his booties fell off.
Here is Michael's dad (Grandpa Trent) getting some rest with Preston after the long day of family and celebration.
Our camera ran out of memory, so we don't have the big picture of my whole side or Michael's family. Hopefully family members will share their pictures with us later!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

I really wanted to get family/baby pictures taken to capture this time in our life. Also, I've felt not very attractive lately and wanted an opportunity to look my best.

My family came into town for Preston's blessing so we took advantage of that and got some pictures with my parents, grandpa, brother and sister too. It was really fun. The weather cooled down for 1 week and we were soooo lucky that it was cool the day we took our pictures. We walked around downtown Gilbert and found some neat spots. It was great!!!

Thanks to Aimee Jensen from for the great pictures!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 9: Turning 2 Months!

Preston is getting cuter and cuter. The week of October 3-9, he really started holding up his head and reacting to us. He giggled a few times too. I took a ton of pictures of him! He turned 2 months old on Saturday, the 8th.

During this week, we prepared to have a bunch of family in town for family pictures and for Preston's baby blessing. We bought his first Halloween costume at Old Navy and daddy bought us a HUGE pumpkin at Sam's Club.

This is THE BEST bunch of pictures so far. He is super cute and makes hilarious faces that are easier to catch on camera now.

Two Months: Random Facts!

I'm typing these up mostly so that I remember. I'm sure they are boring to everyone else!

Random Preston Facts:
-He doesn't really like to be held unless he's being fed. He prefers being laid down to play, sleep, and stretch his muscles! Some people think that he doesn't like them, but he just wants to be put down. I think it's because it was soooo hot when he was born (HOTTEST AUGUST ON RECORD!!!) and he's more comfortable when not in someone's arms.
-He will only take Avent pacifiers and only when he's tired and cranky. Amazingly, we've only lost one so far!
-He makes a weird breathing noise when he's being happy and kicking his legs. It's pretty funny.
-He loves to be swaddled. It settles him down right away if he's being fussy.
-He will only sleep in his crib at night. He sleeps in his swing during the day. He can't help but be lulled to sleep when he's in that thing!
-He typically wakes up once a night, usually around 1 or 2 a.m., and he's up for the day around 7 a.m. Ugh. I wish he would sleep later in the morning!
-His eyes are a really dark, gorgeous blue!
-He often has a stuffy nose. He's doomed to have allergies and sinus problems.
-He pretty much always has gas when I'm nursing him. It gets a little painful for both of us!
-He loves the bath. I usually get him in the tub with me and hold his head up while his body floats around. He's in absolute heaven every time.
-He gets a "cheesy" neck. It's hard to keep his neck folds clean! Sometimes I pick him up and he smells like stinky cheese. This is why we bathe every day!
-He loves his toys that play music and light up. He smiles and smiles when they are turned on.
-He'll go in waves with the peeing-all-over-when-we-change-his-diaper thing. He'll do it a bunch of times in a row and then won't do it for a few weeks. The walls of our house are grateful when he's in a no-pee stage.
-His fingernails grow really fast. He's scratched himself on the face numerous times. I am such a bad mom!
-He generally likes car rides, but doesn't really like being put in his car seat.
-He likes to go on walks in his stroller.
-He is starting to realize that he can touch things with his hands--mostly swatting at toys above his head.
-He knows when I am getting ready to feed him. It's hilarious. You'd think I starve him or something.
-He has a stick-straight, natural mohawk. I don't even have to comb it that way.
-His hair gets greasy after one day. Takes after his well-oiled daddy.
-He is the cutest, most handsome, best-looking baby ever.
-He is the funniest, most exciting, happiest baby ever.
-He is a genius. THE END.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 8

During week 8 (Sept. 25-Oct. 2), we really started working on tummy time. This kid is really strong. I got a video of him laying on his belly, lifting his legs and head at the same time. We were getting kind of worried about him though because he was favoring his right side and would curl his whole body that way.

Preston also experienced his first General Conference on T.V. He did his usual sleeping through everything. We also went on a lot of morning and evening walks around our neighborhood.

As you can see, he's starting to chunk up a bit.