Tuesday, August 27, 2013

December 2012 Fun!

Taking a picture with Santa at Bass Pro Shop. He did really well and didn't cry or anything!

 Out to my pre-birthday dinner at Famous Dave's after seeing Santa Claus. Hello 28!
 Preston ate so much food this night. It was hilarious. I guess BBQ is his favorite!

 Fun at Fiesta Mall! This was when Preston REALLY started to walk a lot. He loved climbing up everything and having tons of space to run.

 Under the weather cuddling with Pooh Bear.

 Favorite show! YGG!
 Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple. Preston had a great time running around. 

 Standing up is hard to do when you have such a big head!

 Lunch at Liberty Market. Whipped cream was pretty exciting.

 Breakfast at IHOP. We love to eat out, I guess! Straws are a favorite toy.

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